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Mr Steam, Means Clean

Looking for great Carpet Cleaning in the Pittsburg Ks and surrounding areas?

Do your carpets need attention? Does your carpet look overused and matted? Don’t waste the weekend scrubbing those stains out with a store bought carpet cleaner. Let us show you what our rotary cleaning system can do.  It’s Simply incredible!

Most people only notice the condition of their carpet and upholstery when they become visibly soiled. But by the time it’s finally noticeable, layer upon layer of stains, bacteria, and mineral deposits will have built-up into a mess you can’t clean on your own.

It used to be that carpet and upholstery had to be replaced once they reached this state — but now you have a better option. With our rotary cleaning system we can restore soiled carpet and upholstery to look like new!

Even if your carpets still look clean, they almost certainly contain unseen filth that can affect color and sanitation. So for complete restoration or routine maintenance, let us demonstrate the amazing results of our revolutionary system.

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Available for Emergency Jobs 24/7   Reasonably priced to get your place cleaned, cheaper! Get Started

Better Cleaning, Better Technology

Better Cleaning, Better Technology

Most carpet cleaners today still use the old manual scrub wand method simply because it has been around for over 40 years. Using a manual wand requires a great deal of physical labor and only cleans from two directions, often producing only mediocre results. The manual wand is old technology and offers nothing new or different!

The Rotovac 360i Cleans Better

The Rotovac 360i is a Patented Rotary Jet Extractor that utilizes rotary vacuum heads to thoroughly deep clean carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. The 360i weighs only 39 lbs and is extremely easy to use as it operates in a self propelled side to side motion. Simply stated, “The 360i cleans better and more efficiently."

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